Iowa Tech Chicks Website Content and Design

In my free time, I participate in a local non-profit group called the Iowa Tech Chicks. I have created a design concept and written numerous posts for their blog.

Preview of Iowa Tech Chicks website design concept.

The Iowa Tech Chicks is a nonprofit organization based in Iowa City, Iowa. It exists to support and advocate for women and girls in technology in the Iowa City area. I have been a member since 2013 and became the board president in 2018.

In addition to planning meetings and events for the organization, writing and administering grants, I redesigned its website a couple of years ago.

Since we are a small organization with no paid staff, I worked with our Board of Directors to plan the structure of the updated site, created a design concept, then implemented key elements of the new design on the site.

Because I was very busy in my professional and family life at the time, I did not implement all of the ideas from the design mock up. To create the new design, I created a child theme of an existing WordPress theme that most closely matched the design concept. Then I modified that theme for our organization.

While I have generally tried to encourage others to write content for the website, I have written a few event announcements and recaps. You can view my author page to see posts I’ve written for that website.